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Some must have adhesive & sealant for your DIY

151 All Purpose Filler 750g (99p) is a ready to use, ready mixed filler for interior and exterior use. It is suitable for plaster, plasterboard, brick, wood and stone and can be sanded when dry. It is good value for money especially when it is 50% extra free!

151 Wood Glue Tube 180ml(99p) is an easy to use flexi tube. It dries harder than wood itself. It bonds all types of woods permanently.

Some must have adhesive & sealant for your DIY project

151 Wall Tile And Grout Powder 600g(£1.00) is an instant mix wall tile grout suitable for use with all wall tiles and can be used both inside and outside in joints up to 3mm. Its coverage will be approximately 2 square metres per 600g box depending on the tile thickness and the gap between tiles.

Everbuild All Purpose Instant Filler 330g(99p) is an easy to use ready mixed filler with quick drying properties, which makes the product ideal for instant repairs to minor surface imperfections in most porous surfaces e.g. plaster, wood, render etc. When applied as directed, the filler dries to a smooth but tough crack resistant sandable finish that may be painted, papered or stained. This filler is suitable for both internal and external use.

Everbuild Flexible Decorators Filler 330g(99p) is a fast drying, acrylic based filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. It can be over painted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper & does not require sanding down.