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Superp Quality Erasmic for smoothest, most comfortable shave

Superp Quality Erasmic for smoothest, most comfortable shave

Erasmic is a classic British brand that boast 100 years of history!  All Erasmic product formulations are superb quality for the smoothest, most comfortable shave. 

Erasmic brings the joy back into shaving with its traditional formats for shaving preparations and promises to provide exceptional quality & performance at an affordable price!

Erasmic Shaving Foam 300ml  (99p)

Erasmic Shaving Foam Moisturising Original contains Coconut Oil and Glycerin to lubricate your skin giving you a smoother, closer shave. Erasmic Shaving Foam conditions your skin, providing a protective coating for a comfortable shave. It moisturises your skin whilst helping its natural renewal process. 

Erasmic Shaving Foam Aloe Vera produces a rich, creamy lather which spreads smoothly and softens your bristles quickly and effectively. This means that your razor glides over your skin and cuts through your bristles with ease.

Erasmic Shave Soap 75gm Bowl Original(£1.79)

Erasmic Shaving Soap Bowl gives a close and smooth shave. Erasmic ingredients of pure natural glycerin help the razor glide over the skin. Erasmic Shaving Soap offers total shaving logic for men.

Erasmic Shave Brush (£2.49)

Erasmic Pure bristle shave brush is made of superior quality hog hair bristles which provide the perfect balance between resistance to the beard and softness for the skin.

Erasmic Original Shave Stick 50g (59p)

Erasmic shave stick is an extra-rich formula to soften the beard swiftly and efficiently. Extra-creamy foam gives the ultimate comfort in shaving. Its pleasing aroma is fresh, yet stylish. It includes a plastic holder for convenient application.