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Fladen Loaded Sea Fishing Box

Fladen Loaded Sea Fishing Box

Why is it important to have sea fishing tackle box for your fishing trips? It keeps all your equipments in one place making it easier for you to find things when you need them.

Fladen Loaded Sea Fishing Box (£19.99) is designed with a tough flexy box with a holding handle for easy transportation; this comes with a variety of pieces to ensure you have everything you need.

The set includes

  • 2 pirks
  • 1 Lure
  • 4 Rigs
  • 4 Shads
  • Safety Snaps
  • Hooks

It is not just hooks, baits and lures you need? Perhaps you should consider following things:

1. A utility knife: There are many uses for a knife in your fishing trip. You can use it to cut lines, to clean your catch, slice up bait or open food cans.

2. A sharpening stone: It is handy to have a good sharpening stone. You would always want to work with sharp knife and if you need to sharp fishing hooks it is always there.

3. Long-nosed pliers: A pair of pliers is always versatile on a fishing trip.  It can cut wires and pry hooks out of fish’s mouth.

4. Sunscreen. This is a must have on your fishing trip. It is likely that you would be out in the sun for most of your day. You should protect your skin from UV exposure with sunscreen.

5. Travel first aid kit: A first aid is always handy for minor injuries. It should contain some plasters, alcohol free wipes, pads and dressing.