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Throw & Go 12 Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches Review

Throw & Go 12 Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches are only 99p or 8 for 85pTHROW & GO 12 BIO DISSOLVABLE LAUNDRY POUCHES each. We asked one of our Facebook fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

These pouches are filled with a set amount of concentrated bio washing
powder that are placed inside the drum. The benefits are that you don’t have to measure out a set amount if powder and the products lasts as long as stated on the packet. The product worked! I have a young family and do a lot of laundry this product worked well lifting dirt and stains at low temp 30 degrees.

The cons of this product that I don’t normally use fabric conditioner
and with gel I find the clothes don’t need a fabric conditioner but
with this powder I felt I could of done with a conditioner.

I would rate this product 8/10 as I thought the cleaning was good but
I prefer not having to use a fabric conditioner.

In conclusion, this product works well and leaves clothes fresh and
clean. This is the first I have seen of the dissolvable powder
straight to drum laundry pouches. As I would normally use a gel
capsule I’m not sure if I would switch as I find all powders can leave
white marks on black washes. But if you prefer a powder this product
is a good idea.

Lexy Law

Lexy Law, Newtownards

May 2012

Review 2  __________________________________

This is my review of “Throw and Go Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches”.  The product is a value general purpose laundry item that claims:

  • great results
  • concentrated formula
  • dissolvable no mess no fuss.

It is suitable for all fabrics as it is not otherwise stated and I used it on everything in my wash basket with no ill effects, including both silk and wool items.
I kept to all instructions on the packet (as a mother, you don’t even have to look, you just use as you would any other laundry tablet product) and the product washed my items really nicely. Everything came out smelling wonderfully fresh and spotless. I even think my towels came out cleaner using this product than my usual top brand washing powder, at about 5 times the price of these pouches! My partner works in a coffee shop and these eradicated all traces of food and tea/coffee from his uniform and took the grass stains from my daughters school uniform right out, even in a cool wash. Lovely product indeed! Would recommend to all those on a budget looking for an effective, economical and affordable product.
As mentioned before, i am a great fan of this product for many different reasons, in particular:

1. The price:  These pouches are currently 99p for a pack of 12 (1p per wash, so 12 washes) or you can bulk buy which makes them 85p for a 12 wash pack. You cant argue with that price when they are as good as they are!
2. The ease of use: When using a powdered laundry detergent I always find that I spill it on the floor or worktops when trying to fill the drawer of the washing machine. I don’t know whether that’s just me being a bit butterfingered or its just one of those things that happens when lugging a massive box of powder from the cupboard.. With these tablets, what you see is what you get. 12 easy one use pouches in a nice compact, resalable packet. Throw one in the machine and put the rest back in the cupboard for the next unending round of washing!
3. The results: I tend to buy top brand as my partner is very picky. He doesn’t like “cheap”, but he hasn’t even noticed that I have been using a different product (I shouldn’t generalise, but my chap has no clue what goes on behind the scenes in our kitchen anyways!).
4.  The fragrance: Most laundry items have an over feminine scent. Always of some kind of flowers, which is fine by me, but I’m not sure how smelling like a bouquet of freshly cut roses and daisies every time you move appeals to men. The fragrance of these tablets is just a general clean smell. Fresh, inviting, a winner !
I have found very few faults with this product, other than you cannot prewash items with these. Sometimes you just need that extra oomph from your wash cycle, but in this case I would just do a normal wash with two pouches and just knock up the cycle temperature to a warmer one than usual, problem solved. Also, hand wash is not recommended, but it does give instructions of how to do so on the packet. Not so much another con, but worth a mention the amount of powder in each pouch. It is truly enough to clean a full 6kg load effectively, but the dosage does seem a little sparse which would possibly tempt people to use more than one pouch per wash when it is truly not needed, which in turn would mean the bag of pouches wouldn’t last very long in a family household like mine..
Overall, a fantastic product, both in cleaning power and price. Well worth a go, you won’t be disappointed with the results.
Thank you for letting me try this product.

Kirsty burkeDevon

July 2012