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Some handy Car Paint & Body Repair products

Autocare Easy Sand Car Filler 250ml (£4.99) repairs dents & scratches.Car Paint and body Repair It is suitable for all metals including galvanized steel. It is good to make your car ready for painting.

Autocare Thread Lock & Sealer 6ml (£1.79) prevents bolts, nuts and screws working loose. It seals against moisture stopping corrosion and seizing. It is fast acting and can be removed easily with normal hand tools.

Carplan Exhaust Repair Bandage (£2.59) is a complete solution for repairing large holes, cracks & splits on all car exhausts. The range is quick & easy to use with no need to dismantle the exhaust, leaving a permanent gas tight repair.

Evo-Stick Multi Purpose Instant Contact Adhesive 250ml (£7.99) is a one part contact adhesive ideal for numerous jobs in the workshop. It provides a high strength strong bond on contact without the need for special support, jigs, clamps or weights. It is good to bond most materials including metals.

Waxoyl Original Rustproofing Clear 400ml (£9.99) has a unique formula that solves the problem of hidden rust once and for all. It is a thick waxy liquid, saturated with a very powerful rust killer. It chases out moisture to form a flexible weatherproof skin that wont crack, dry or wash off in the rain.