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Discounted Car Wax & Polish

Car wax shines the paintwork as your “smoothing” out the surface of the paint by “filling” in many of the imperfections in the paintwork. Car Polish removes very fine layers of the top coat protection giving a highly polished look. Concord Extra has good range of car wax and polish at a discounted price.

Some discount car wax & polish at Concord Extra

151 Carpride Scratch Removal Kit(£1.99) is the quick and easy way to restore the colour of your car to showroom condition. The kit includes Scratch remover 225ml, Microfibre cloth & Application Sponge. The Scratch Remover removes minor scratches and swirls, light oxidation, ingrained road grime, tar spots and dried insects. Scratch Remover also contains a special wax that will leave a polished protective shine after use.

151 Car Pride 300ml Spray Wax (99p) is a brilliant product. It makes wax removal easy & adds extra protection in seconds.

T Cut Colour Fast Mid Blue 500ml(£10.99) cleans, restores and shines car paintwork in one easy application. The special blend of polymers, pigmented resin and wax effortlessly removes surface oxidation, blemishes and minor scratches. It is suitable for all car paint finishes including metallic and pearlescent.

Autoglym Instant Show Shine 450ml (£8.99) is a versatile spray polish which cleans and shines a multitude of surfaces including paintwork, plastics, rubber, leather, glass and acrylics. It removes light soiling, fingerprints, dust and traffic film to impart either a shine or a natural finish according to surface finish. After washing and drying the car simply spray and wipe to leave a smear free gleaming car!

Carplan Triplewax Original Car Wax 500ml(£8.49) has a unique formula to give an easy shine to your car. It protects the paintwork from weather conditions and road grime. It is suitable for all vehicle paint finishes, including metallics and pearlescent.

Turtle Wax Colour Magic 500ml with Chip Stick (£8.99) brings colour back to its original shine removing tiny scratches.  The wax polish is quick and easy to use, it gently removes ingrained dirt and grime, masks minor scratches and swirl marks and enhances the colour of your vehicle’s paintwork.  Colour Magic Polish gives long lasting wax protection and outstanding shine.  Turtle Wax Chipstick masks and protects bodywork from deep scratches and stone chips, resisting up to 25 washes.  Colour Magic Wax Polish and Chipstick are suitable for use on all paint finishes, including metallics and clear coats.

Turtle Wax ‘Wax It Wet’ 500ml  (£5.49) gives a turtle wax protection and shine in minutes.  It can waxes up to 15 cars and is suitable for all paint finishes, including metallic and clear coats. It makes drying the car much easier. It prevents water marks and leaves a nice shiny finish.