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Car interior cleaners at Concord Extra

Keeping your car interior in a good condition is a challenging task. The interior of your car easily gets dirty because of kids, spills, pets and Car Interiorfood. Paying somebody else to do it is not a cheap option. However, we have some tools for you to keep your car interior clean in a cheap way.

151 Car Pride Window Care Kit (99p) includes sponge, synthetic duster and yellow duster. This is all you need to keep your window clean.

Autocare Car Dash Shine 400ml (£3.29) guards against fading and cracking. It is also suitable for the exterior of your car. You can use it on venyl, rubber or plastic. It comes in Vanilla and Forest Fir.

Carplan Flash Dash Wipes 15 Extra Large Wipes (£2.69) is an excellent product that fits in a glove box which allows you to always have it to hand. It can clean your car dash while you are stuck in traffic or stopped at traffic lights. The dust and dirt sticks to it so you can dispose it easily without any mess! It can be used on PVC, plastic trim and leather.

Turtlewax Extreme Cockpit & Bumper Clean & Shine 500ml (£5.09) prevents your car interior fading, drying and cracking. The spray bottle is easy to apply and cleans instantly with a long lasting shine.

Turtle Wax Fresh Shine 400ml (£3.09) shines with an intense refreshing fragrance of fresh glacial blast with a hint of mint and burst of berries. It even lays down anti-static silicone shield which repels dust & dirt. It has got a specially designed formula for a modern soft touch dashboard.