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Sea Fishing for Beginners Part 3: Terms

Aberdeen: a hook shape characterized by a round bend and a wide gap

Anti-Reverse Lock: the mechanism on a reel that prevents the crank handle from turning backwards

Backing: Line used underneath the mainline to fill the spool

Bait: Get fresh bait and experiment to find what works best

Bait-holding hook: Hooks with small barbs on the shank of the hook to hold bait

Bait Needle: long metal needle to help thread your bait on the hook

Beads: Used as stops on rigs

Bite: The action of a fish taking the bait

Blank: A bare rod, before guides and other accessories have been attached

Black:  Lugworm

Boom: A ridged plastic or metal bar from which the hook is attached to keep the hook clear of the trace

Braid: As opposed to mono, a woven line with little or no stretch

Break-off:  Line breakage while casting, also crack-off

Breaking Strain: Maximum load or weight that a line, swivel, or other piece of tackle can sustain without breaking

Budgie bells: Small bells which clip onto the rod tip, giving an audible signal when the rod tip is moved, also now comes with a small light for night fishing

Butt: The rear portion of a rod ie lower end of a rod

Chum: Small pieces of chopped fish fed into the water as an attractor

Clutch: The braking system on a reel also known as the Drag

Coasters: A device for holding a reel in place on a rod that can be tightened by hand

Cocktail: The mixing of 2 or more baits, ie lug and squid

Crack off: Line snapping when casting

Crank: Another word for a reel’s handle

Crimp: A metal ferrule crushed onto a line with a special tool or pliers

Dead Baiting: Using a dead fish as bait

Drag: The braking system on a reel also known as the Drag

Eyes: the rings on a rod

Fathom: As marked on charts to express 6 feet = 1 fathom

Feathering: The art of catching fish mainly Pollock, cod and mackerel on feather decoratedhooks several attached to the main trace

Fight: The duel between fish and angler

Flapper: Usually a mackerel with the backbone removed and used as bait for larger fish

Flats or Flatties: A term used to describe plaice, flounders, dab etcetera as opposed to round fish

Flounder Spoon: A spoon shaped lure used as an attractor for flat fish

Foul Hooked: A term to describe a fish caught with the hook in the body or head without it taking the bait

Free lining: Using just a hook with bait, allowing the current to take the bait

Free-Spool: A system disengaging the spool from the gearing on a multiplier

Gaff: A large hook with a sharp point used to haul fish on board a boat

Gimbal: A slotted device in the bottom of a rod butt to sit in a butt pad so as to stop the rod turning when fighting a large fish

Gripper lead: A lead with wires to assist the lead to grip the seabed

Ground: Term used to describe the sea-bed ie rough, clean smooth etc

Hand-balling: The action of lifting a fish up a steep wall or pier manually by hand

Hold, Holding: Used to describe whether the lead is remaining in position

Jig/jiggers: A heavy metal lure sometimes decorated with feathers and used in an up and down motion to entice the fish to attack by imparting movement

Kelp: Rubbery sea weed that is plentiful in rocky locations

Knock: The rod tip moving due to a fish taking the bait

Lask: A thick slice of flesh cut from a dead fish, usually from head to tail

Lead: A moulded piece of lead used to sink the trace to the seabed

Leader Knot: A knot for joining shock leader to mainline

Leger: To fish a static bait on the seabed

Line capacity: The amount of line a reel will hold

Link: An accessory used to join various items of tackle together or lines

Link swivel: A useful swivel for quick attachment of traces etc

Lip-hooked: Hooking a fish by the lip or a method of hooking live or dead-bait

Lug: Lugworm

Mark: A location at sea where there is good fishing to be had

Memory: Quality line which enables it to stretch then return to its original position

Muppet: A squid-like plastic lure, used to decorate hooks

OTG: Short for of the ground casting, where the lead is to the rear on the ground before casting

Overrun: Line that comes off a spool to fast and causes a birds nest

Paternoster: Method of fishing several hooks on short links at right angles to the mainline

Pirk: A heavy metal or plastic lure fished up and down from a boat, hence pirking

Play: Similar to fight to battle with a hooked fish

Pump: The action of lifting a fish by raising the rod and then lowering it whilst reeling in quickly

Rag: Rag worm

Recovery rate: The amount of line rewound on a spool for one turn of the handle

Reducer: Extension of rod butt, used when winding in

Rig: Name for terminal tackle

Rings: Fitted on a rod that the line passes through

Roller: Fitted on a fixed spool reel in the bale arm to reduce friction or fitted to the tip of a boatrod with the same objective

Rotten bottom: A weak link from your trace to your sinker. Prevents or reduces tackle loss

Rubby Dubby: Fish offal etc placed in an onion sack, anchored to the sea bed so as to atract the fish

Run: The action of a hooked fish swimming away from the angler, also the movement of fish migrating

Sand spike: A spike used to hold the rod when beach casting

Set: The action of sinking a hook into the fishes mouth

Shank: The hook body length from the eye of the hook to the bend

Shock Leader: length of line of greater breaking strain than the mainline designed to take the pressure of casting

Sinker: Lead weight

Sink and draw: The action of lifting and lowering a lure of bait

Snap off: The action of a line breaking normally due to wear or not using a shock leader of the correct breaking strain

Snagged: Being fastened up in an underwater obstacle

Snood: A length of line from your main line to the hook on a trace

Star drag: The wheel like a ships wheel used to adjust the drag on a reel

Take: The action of a fish grabbing a bait or lure

Terminal tackle: End gear/Rig

Test Curve: The pressure required to bend the Rod

Thumb: The action of slowing or stopping a multiplier reel when casting or playing a fish

Trace: See rig

Treble: 3 hooks points combined into 1 hook