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Purina One Cat Food promotes digestive health

Purina One Natural Balance Adult Cat Food 800g Ocean Fish £1.99 is steamed cooked with carefully selected natural ingredients. It contains oats and brown rice to promote digestive health. It is rich in antioxidants, like vitamin E, and those from blackcurrants to help support natural defenses.



Purina One Adult Cat Food With Chicken And Whole Grain 800g £2.99 has quality ingredients proven to reduce tartar build-up by up to 40%. It promotes healthy urinary tract, healthy skin and shiny coat and helps maintain strong and healthy bones. It is complete adult cat food with no added colourants.

Sheba Complete Food For Cats – £4.49


Sheba Fine Flakes Complete Food For Cats Seafood In Jelly 12 Pack £4.49

A complete food for adult cats, Sheba Pouch Fine Flakes Fish Selection comprises four different types of fish – white fish, salmon, cod and tuna. Made with carefully selected ingredients without any artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives, Sheba Fine Flakes are cooked to lock in the delicious taste and quality and are served in a succulent jelly. Your feline friend will just adore them.

The pouches are great for locking in flavour and freshness and you can feel reassured that you are feeding your cat quality, healthy and tasty meals each day.

3 x with White Fish
3 x with Salmon
3 x with Cod
3 x with Tuna

Sheba Pouch Cat Food Select Menus in Delicious Jelly   £4.49

Share a magical moment with your cat with a selection of the most refined recipes. Each recipe has been carefully prepared from the finest ingredients, to give your cat a meal that is truly special.


3 x with Poultry
3 x with Turkey
3 x with Chicken
3 x with Duck

Sheba Steamed And Tender  Complete Food For Cats Meat Selection In Gravy 12 Pack £4.49

Sheba® Pouches are prepared with extra care and attention to detail, each tempting recipe has been carefully prepared from the finest ingredients that your cat will love. With such selection of flavours available, all gently cooked to seal in the natural flavours, it’s easy to serve a different taste sensation every meal.


3 x with Beef
3 x with Chicken
3 x with Turkey
3 x with Rabbit

Deal of The Week – Go Cat Complete for Neutered Cat with Rabbit & Vegetable 2kg – £1.99

Go Cat Complete  for Neutered Cat with Rabbit & Vegetable 2kg

Specially formulated for neutered cats. Complete pet food for adult cats.

Urinary tract health balanced minerals to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Weight control balanced protein/fat level to help you maintain your cat’s ideal weight. Great taste made with quality ingredients for a great taste.

A combination of ingredients including fish, vegetables, vitamins and minerals make Go Cat specially formulated for Neutered Cats a 100% Complete & Balanced meal. Go Cat is All your Cat Needs nutritionally to help keep him healthy and happy.

Ingredients: Cereals, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Derivatives of  Vegetable Origin, Oils and Fats, Yeasts, Minerals, Vegetables (1% Vegetables in Green, Yellow and Orange Kibbles)