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Kitchen Therapy Ceramic Fry Pan 24cm



Kitchen Therapy ceramic non-stick frying pan is made from cast aluminium, which is an excellent heat conductor with no hot spots. Its ceramic coatings heats up faster and retains heat for longer time. With Kitchen Therapy you can cook healthy food in minutes without any oil or butter. It’s durable and easy to clean, even after repeated use and it looks like designer pieces. It is suitable for gas, electric, solid hotplate, halogen, ceramic and radiant ring

Salter The Versa Fryer – £59.99

Photo: Salter The Versa Fryer</p>
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<p>Prepare healthier fried food with little or no oil.

Salter the Versa Fryer (£59.99) revolutionises tabletop cooking. Boasting powerful halogen, convection and infrared cooking elements, this versatile tabletop cooker roasts, bakes and broils your meals 3x faster than traditional methods. Use it to prepare everything from turkey to steamed vegetables. Two cooking racks are included, so you can cook two meals at the same time.

  • Prepare healthier fried food with little or no oil.
  • Great for baking, roasting, grilling and steaming.
  • Triple cooking power : Halogen, Convection and infrared.
  • Accessories include : High rack, Low rack, Lid stand, tongs, 2 mesh trays, 5L extender ring and oil sprayer.
  • Power : 1300w.
  • 17L total capacity.
  • Removeable bowl for easy clean.
  • Includes 50 recipes

4 New Cookware at ConcordExtra

New Cookware at Concord Extra

Bakeware Vitreous Enamel Roast Tin &  Rack(£8.99) is a high quality baking tray, made of steel and covered in enamel for durability at high temperatures(245 C). It also comes with an optional stainless steel rack to suspend some foods above the base – perfect for letting the heat of your oven completely surround your food. It also lets fat drip away into the base, leaving you with a healthier meal.

Pendeford Sapphire 8″ Saucepan with Glass Lid (£6.99) part of the Pendeford range of high performance aluminium cookware. It has non-stick aluminium exterior with stainless Steel stamped base. It is suitable for all heat sources & is dishwasher safe.

Pendeford Sapphire Collection 6″ Non-stick Milk Pan(£3.29) is a non-stick aluminium milk pan which distributes heat efficiently. It is suitable for solid plate, gas, halogen, Radiant Rings and Ceramic heat source. It is dishwasher safe.

Sapphire 8″ 4 Cup Egg Poacher & Lid (£6.49) with Dylon non hard coating features aluminium encapsulated base for even heat distribution. It has got a heat tempered glass lid to keep food warm in the pan inside the oven.