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Sadolin Supercoat High Performance Woodstain Redwood 2.5 L – £9.99

Sadolin Supercoat High Performance Woodstain Redwood 2.5 L SADOLIN SUPERCOAT HIGH PERFORMANCE WOODSTAIN REDWOOD 2.5L

For Exterior Wood, Long lasting protection from one coat, easy application with a professional finish, resists blistering and flaking.

Sadolin Supercoat is a true high performance, low-maintenance translucent exterior wood stain which uses high solids, low solvent resin technology. Sadolin Supercoat has a medium to high build finish. Its sheen level will vary from matt to gloss depending on the texture and adsorption of the timber surface.

Sadolin Supercoat is suitable for all exterior timber, in particularly joinery, large areas such as cladding and fascias, and rough sawn timber such as fencing. It is not suitable for direct application to bare Iroko or Teak surfaces. Some types of bare or undecorated timbers should be base stained with Sadolin Classic prior to applying Sadolin Supercoat.

Here’s a short video that shows ways of keeping wood natural: