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Finish Powerball Classic Megapack 110 Tabs £8.99


Finish Powerball Dishwasher Tablets 110 Pack Classic  £8.99

No. 1 recommended by renowned dishwasher manufacturers Finish classic with pre-soaking action Dishwasher tablets soaks and softens tough food stains & powerful detergents lift off and wash away all traces of food.

Finish’s unique Powerball soaks and softens the toughest stains, while the dual layer tablet contains powerful detergents to lift off traces of food and deliver great shine. 

Finish Powerball Calgonit Classic Dishwasher Tablets 60’s – £4.99

Finish is the number ONE automatic dishwashing brand. Finish Powerball Classic Tablets (£4.99) effectively remove tough stains, so you don’t have to re-wash! You can always rest assure that the shine of cutlery, plates and glasses will be of the greatest quality every time.

  • The blue layer contains powerful detergent and Red StainSoaker speckles to soften and break down tough dried-on stains.
  • The white layer, with its integrated salt function, softens the water and prevents limescale whilst removing all traces of residue.

Finish Dishwasher Tablets and Finish Rinse Aid are the perfect combination. Finish Rinse aid prevents water spots and streaking for a brilliant shine!  With its Shine Active Forumla it fights limescale, fights spots and with its drying accelerator has fewer drops for an all together brighter clean!