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Discount Goodyear tools

Discounted Goodyear tools

Goodyear 19.5” Tool Box (£9.99) is good quality fitted with Sturdy Carrying Handle and Quick Lock Closure. It has built in organisation compartments to keep your tools separate. It has got padlock eye for secure locking.

Goodyear Led Rechargeable Work Light (£19.99)  has 31 high intensity LED bulbs. It is ideal for use under car bonnets, in emergencies such as breakdowns, DIY and can also be used during leisure activities such as camping.

Goodyear Rechargeable Spotlight (£24.99) is suitable for a variety of automotive, workshop, industrial, domestic and leisure applications. It is a portable cordless torch with two charging methods; 240V mains and 12V car power (cigarette lighter socket) socket, both of the required chargers are included in the package so you will always have light when required. 

It boasts a powerful 2 million candle power (128 lumens) from a high intensity 55W halogen bulb and also has an additional 3 LED lights on the handle.

Goodyear Folding Hex 8 Piece Key Set (£4.99) is made with high quality corrosion resistant aluminum. It has ball point heads which enable angled use. It is a compact pocket size and includes .5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.