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Excell 10′ is the first permanent hair colour from L’Oréal Paris – Buy 3 for £3.50 each


Excell 10′ is the first permanent hair colour from L’Oréal Paris that works in just 10 minutes. It provides rich colour and hair that feels stronger  – fast!

Its patented formula develops faster than most classic permanent hair colourants, providing 100% grey coverage, mirrorshine colour and cashmere touch. Excell 10′ also helps fortify the hair, and has an optimised pH. The Easy Colour Comb allows an easy and precise application.

Each pack contains:
– 1 Tube Crème Colourant 45ml
– 1 Tube Developer Crème 72ml

L’Oreal Paris Excell10 – Only £4.99 at Concord Extra

Today lifestyles are very hectic and busy. L’Oreal Paris Excell10’ is the Loreal Paris Excell10 Hair Colourhair colour that really understands women and offers them a captivating rich colour in a shorter time. L’Oreal Paris adapts to women’s lifestyles and offers them a new generation of permanent hair clolour, which works faster and provides a perfect colour result.

Excell10’ is a very innovative permanent colourant: its exclusive formula develops colour faster, provides 100% grey coverage and conditioning protection to hair. The result: mirror-shine colour and healthy-looking hair as soft as cashmere. In 10 minutes the colour develops and covers greys! You just can’t go wrong: the shades look really natural, the latest trend!

This hair colour is a great asset for both women who are used to colouring their hair and for those who are new to hair colour. It is also great for those who demand a perfect result and strong, conditioned hair at the same time.

L’Oreal Paris Excell10 is only £4.99 at Concord Extra.