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Sonik Carp and Spinning Rods

The SK3 Carp Rods 12ft  (£79.99) have powerful casting actions that are easy to compress and will therefore adapt to a wide variety of casting SONIK SK3 Carp Rod 12ftstyles. Manufactured from the finest Japanese Toray carbon fibres, the advanced tapers produce rapid ‘dampening’ properties to ensure long, accurate casts time after time. Having achieved over 200 yards in testing with a standard off the ground cast, they are superb, all round big pit rod that are also equally at home when playing fish in the margins, thanks to the forgiving tip.

The SK3 carp rods are hard to beat with these features:

  • Smooth, matt grey carbon blanks with powerful casting actions.
  • Slim, contoured full Duplon handles for extra comfort and grip when playing fish.
  • Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo.
  • Custom SONIK graphite ‘Soft touch’ reel seat with gun smoke aluminium collars at each end.
  • Smooth Carbon Line Clip.
  • Lightweight SIC Guides – 40mm butt and 30mm rings are double legged, remainder single leg for reduced weight and improved response to the tip section.
  • Black whippings with best quality low build varnish finish.
  • Supplied in quality cloth bag.
  • Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

SK3 Spinning Rods (£39.99) are a new range of three- piece spinning rods that offer tremendous performance and specification for the price. SONIK SK3 Spinning Rod 8 ft 10-20gWith lively tip actions that translate to plenty of power in the middle and butt, they are an excellent choice for plugs, spoons and other lures targeting predators, trout or salmon plus bass and Pollack. With a full cork handle and a screw winch hooded reel seat for secure fixing of the reel, the single leg, lined rings are suitable for use with monofilament or braid.

Its features are:

  • High quality, three-piece carbon fibre blanks.
  • Lively middle to tip actions with extra power reserve in the butt.
  • Full cork handle.
  • Screw winch reel seat.
  • Fully lined, single-leg guides.

SONIK SK4 Spinning Rods (£79.99) won best in test – Trout & Salmon Magazine. These rods are conceived and designed to redefine the SONIK SK4 Spinning Rod 8ft 10-20gconventional concept of a spinning rod. Lighter in weight, more sensitive in use, with a feel and balance that makes casting and working a lure so much more enjoyable than the traditional ‘dead’ feel of a standard spinning rod.

Here are some of the features that make it different from the rest.

Balance – balancing a fishing rod in general is not a difficult thing to do. Yet it seems most rod manufacturers do not bother doing it enough, to our surprise. Balancing is mainly achieved by correct distribution of advanced carbon fibre materials to generate a ‘weightless’ feel in the hand. This balance, coupled with the general lightness of the rod allows you greater control, and the feeling that the rod is a lot shorter and lighter than it actually is. This unique quality allows you to incorporate ‘wrist action’ when casting and working your lure, which results in better control and requires less effort.

Sensitivity – spinning is often a blind person’s game. The only communication with fish or their environment is through what you feel in your hand(s). What you feel in your hands is a vibration in the tip section of the rod which translates down the blank to your hand. Sonik SK4 spinning rods have ultra sensitive tips which transmit every twist and turn of the lure and feel even the most subtle of takes. This translates into more hook ups and increases the sheer enjoyment of this type of fishing beyond all recognition.

Blank action and taper – this is the key to more enjoyment when spinning for your quarry. The advanced ‘Multiplex Hi-Torque’ carbon fibre materials used in the manufacture of our blanks, together with unique taper profiles employed greatly increase the capabilities of each rod. When you want two opposing characteristics from a single blank you need to think carefully about the choice of materials and how they are applied to the taper of the mandrel used to make the blank. With conventional spinning rods, if you want to cast a lightweight lure, you are stuck with a ‘wimpy’ rod which will not give you any control over the bait or fish. On the other hand, many rods designed to cast larger baits end up feeling like rigid sticks that are heavy, insensitive and lifeless when it comes to working the lure or playing fish.

The incredible sensitivity in the tip section of Sonik SK4 Spinning rods is combined with tremendous power in the butt section so that you can hook, play and land your fish with ease, always feeling that you are in control of the fish rather than the other way round!

Ergonomic design – information on how your lure is working in the water is transmitted through the handle of the rod direct to your hand. For this reason, Sonik SK4 Spinning rods feature comfortable Duplon grips that are contoured to fit into your hand for maximum comfort and feel. It’s not all about the number of fish you catch, but about the quality of your fishing experience. Sonik rods are designed to elevate your enjoyment so that you gain the most out of your sport and make each trip memorable.

Fit and Finish – whilst the fish don’t care, the look of a rod is important to the joy of ownership. SK4 spinning rods combine beauty with practicality, form with function. Understated and yet unique in appearance, each component has been carefully chosen to provide a stunning finished product that will appeal to anglers across the globe.