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There is no other wax like DAX !

Dax Wax

DAX Wave & Groom wax (£1.95) is a thick hair dress that can be used to bring out the natural wave pattern in your hair and to spike and sculpt your hair to achieve an edgy look. It helps lock in moisture and minimise frizz enhancing curl!

Just place desired amount of DAX between palms and rub to heat product in palms. Apply to clean, damp or dry hair with fingertips to spike, sculpt, and create stiff definition. Here’s what Jose says about this product

“DAX has been working for me and my hair for a couple of years now and I’m good with it!.. Since I have very curly hair, I use the red (Wave and Groom) can of pomade. It has the strength to hold up my pomp, something that is pretty difficult for other pomades to do. DAX has helped me out in the past, and I hope they will do so again!!!!” {Source: DAX }


DAX Short & Neat wax (£1.95) is the perfect light hair dress for the short, natural look. It’s enriched with a blend of oils to nourish your hair and add shine. Great for all hair types and short to medium length hair. It contains coconut oil which is an excellent conditioner helping your hair grow, castor oil which helps nourish hair and mineral oil which helps minimize frizz & enhance curl.

Just rub desired amount of wax between palms and apply to clean, damp or dry hair. It is suitable for straight, curly or coarse hair structures.