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Throw & Go 12 Non-Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches Review

Throw & Go 12 Non-Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches are only 99p or 8 Throw & Go 12 Non-Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouchesfor 85p each. We asked one of our Facebook fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

The product is nicely packaged and easy to open and store. When I first opened them I wasn’t sure about the smell of them as they smell a bit like toilet cleaner. They are easy to use as you just throw one in with the wash, I did my first load as a small quick load of my sons swimming stuff as I just needed

freshening up. It gave good results on a 30 min, 30 degree wash and I was surprised  at smell of the washing when it was done it had lost that toilet cleaner smell and just smelled fresh .
The second load I used them for was a load of my hubbies t-shirts and my son’s. I used two pouches on a 40 degree wash. They came out bright and fresh though I did notice that some of the marks on my sons t- shirt didn’t come out these were juice marks that don’t always come out using my normal washing powder anyway.

I like the ease of use of this product as I always use to much of my normal washing powder so these would be more cost effective as you can’t use too much . I would use a fabric softener if I was using these all the time as the smell was not as strong as I like. All in all, this is a great product and I would recommend it to friends and family.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this product :)

Gaynor Robertson,


May 2012


I found ‘throw & go’ to be very good.  It washed all my clothes perfectly especially heavily soiled kids’ socks. It worked well for both whites and coloureds alike.  I found that it also worked well at low temperatures which are great for energy consumption and the environment.

Another great factor is the fact that it comes in a pack rather than a big box.  The parcels of powder are perfect if you are in a rush as you just throw them in without messing around working out how much powder you need.

To finish off, the smell is lovely and fresh.  Really nice strong zesty lemon smell. I would definitely recommend this product and would use it again. 

Nickie Smith


18th July 2012