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Top 5 Cleaning Agents at Concord Extra

Top  5 Cleaning Agents at Concord Extra


Cillit Bang Power Cleaner With Bleach 750ml Trigger (£1.99) with bleach eliminates grease, dirt and even mould – without the need to scrub!

This pump-action spray gives your surfaces an ultra gleam and hygienically cleanliness by effortlessly removing the toughest dirt and even bacteria & germs without attacking the surfaces themselves.

Its ultra gleam formula with bleach even effortlessly removes mould. Cillit Bang Power Cleaner with bleach is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. It provides all your ceramic surfaces with gleaming cleanliness and the perfect deep-clean!

Suma Vispo Powder Degreaser 6kg (£4.99) is deep cleaning heavy duty degreaser suitable for use on floors, fryers, paintwork, pots and pans. It removes the toughest of grease from every corner of the kitchen.

Duzzit Drain Away 3 X 40g Sachets (99p) is simple and economical cleaning foam that helps to remove deposits causing blockages to encourage healthy sinks and pipes. It can be used on any plughole in the house and will help to remove gunge and hair from the entire width of the pipe. It is for use on slow running and partially blocked sinks and plugholes.

Dri-Pak Liquid Soda Crystal 300ml (89p) are ideal for removing grease and dirt, making them a true multi-purpose cleaner. If you are immersing your hands in them for any length of time, it’s best to wear rubber gloves.

Soda Crystals are extremely good value, with hundreds of uses including – removing burnt on residue in pots and pans, helping keep sinks and drains fresh & blockage free and removing moss and algae from patios.

151 Tile and Grout Cleaner 265ml (£1.00)

Lime scale, grime, and general wear and tear, can cause grout to discolour over time. Discoloured grout can look unattractive and dirty. 151 Tile and Grout Cleaner is a terrific invention that cleans deep down and removes dirt and residue from all grouted surfaces. It cleans grout between bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and floor tiles with ease.