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Veet Warm Wax 300g without Strips

Veet Warm Wax without Strips

Veet Warm Wax 300g  £4.99  is used without strips. It gives you professional results at your house. The spatulas was specially designed to suit different body parts and to make the application of wax and easily.

Step 1. Simply remove lid and heat wax in the microwave as directed on the leaflet.

Step 2. Check the wax temperature with the enclosed heat indicator. 

Step 3. Smooth Veet Warm Wax over your skin, then press on the cotton strip and remove quickly. Any remaining wax traces can be easily washed off the skin with warm water.

Veet Warm Wax removes hair right from the roots, that is why the hair takes longer to grow back and regrowth appears finer.