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Weekly Deal: Ariel Value Pack 40 Tabs Non Bio & Ariel with Actiflift

Ariel Value Pack 40 Tabs Non Bio (£3.99) is curently on our weekly deal. These tabs, with effervescent stain removing balls, leaves clothes soft to touch on your skin. Additionally, your clothes are left with pleasant aroma of almond milk and honey freshness, Tested by the IFTH.  It performs well on whites and colours, even on a cool wash.  Ariel Non Bio has been awarded the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval by Allergy UK.

Paul Lettice, P&G Trade Communications Manager comments: “This Ariel product iaimed at Mums with young children who are looking for a great cleaning product that leaves clothes gentle next to sensitive skin and still cleans brilliantly. Ariel Non Bio Almond Milk & Honey leaves behind a pleasant freshness of almond milk and honey and is perfect for all the families laundry needs.”

Ariel With Actiflift 40 Tabs Bio + Febreze (£3.99) is great for stain removal and deep down cleaning.  The Actilift™ technology is great for cleaning even in cool wash.   These tablets also helps prevent stains setting in, particularly on cotton. The Febreze effect keeps your clothes smelling fresh for long.

This price is 40% cheaper than supermarkets.

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