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We’ve got it all! Food and Treats for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchilla, Chicken and Hamster

Beaphar Tummy Care 100ml  (£3.99) for rabbits, guinea pigs and rats contains BEAPHAR TUMMY CARE 100MLFOS a pre-biotic substance which stimulates the growth of good intestinal bacteria at the expense of bad bacteria, which helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and gut function. Result – Reluctant drinkers will readily increase their fluid intake in most cases.

BURGESS EXCEL NATURE SNACKS COUNTRY GARDEN HERBS 120G Burgess Excel Nature Snacks Country Garden Herbs 120g (£1.59) are complementary, healthy snacks for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. CountryGarden Herbs contains a blend of some of the tastiest flowers, herbs and vegetables that your pet will love.

Burgess Excel Chinchilla Food 2kg  (£2.99) is a delicious complementary food for chinchillas that is high in fibre and rich in vitamins & nutrients to help keep them in tip top health. It contains:

  • Fibre – good for digestive health. It also prevents selective feeding and contains a natural prebiotic for digestive health.
  • Vitamin C – for healthy skin coat and gums.
  • Vitamin A – for eyesight
  • Vitamin E – for immune boost. 

Russel Rabbit Complete Food 850g  (99p) is a complete food for rabbits SUPREME RUSSEL RABBIT COMPLETE FOOD 850Gbased on alfalfa, which is naturally rich in protein and fibre. The high quality, visually appealing mix of unique ingredients is not only digested more easily than conventional rabbit mixes, it also provides the correct balance to address rabbits’ nutritional needs, and includes many fibrous ingredients to help the wearing down of rabbits’ continually growing teeth.

Corn Y Cob 2 Pack   (£1.49) is great complementary food for birds and small animals. It is sun ripened and hand picked for better taste.

TUSK CHICKEN FLINT GRIT 1 LITRETusk Chicken Flint Grit 1 Litre  (£2.99) is a form of non soluble grit once eaten sits in the bird’s crop and aids digestion of food by breaking it down. This type of grit also helps prevent the bird becoming “crop bound”. 

Supreme Harry Hamster Complete Muesli SUPREME HARRY HAMSTER COMPLETE MUESLI 700G700g (£1.69) is a complete food for hamsters and was the first food to be approved by the National Hamster Council. It contains 11 top quality ingredients; including whole peanuts and sunflower seeds to encourage hamsters to forage. Nutritionally balanced and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, Harry Hamster improves skin & coat and keeps hamsters healthy.