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Woolite Gel Capsules 22 Pack – £2.49


Woolite Gel Capsules 22 Pack Color Pro-New

Woolite Dark Wash Capsules
 have a special formula that cleans and helps maintain the original 
intensity of your dark clothes.

It won’t cause fading, shrinking or stretching, so dark colors stay vivid and clothes look like new for longer.

Woolite’s formulations are specially produced to not only clean, but also to provide better care against washing related damage than your ordinary detergents.

Woolite Delicates Care Gel Capsules are gentle on your clothes, specially formulated to take care of your delicate garments in the wash. 

Woolite Delicates Care is a unique formula that won’t cause shape loss,  fibre damage or pilling because it does not contain harsh ingredients like bleach, phosphates or enzymes.

Woolite Colour Gel Capsules with unique Dye-Magnet technology contains no harsh ingredients and protects all your clothes in every wash. 

Woolite Colour cleans effectively and its Dye-Magnet ingredients trap loose dye in the wash and prevent it from redepositing on other clothes in the wash load.